September 2017


Avios Inspiration – How to Fly Around the World with Avios

Collecting and using travel points or Avios can be a bit tricky, especially when you are new to the game. It can be difficult to imagine or visualise a goal for travel points collecting. Therefore, I have made a series of Avios Inspiration posts. Each post is supposed to act as a inspiration for collecting frequent flyer points. This Avios Inspiration article focus on how to make a once-in-a-lifetime journey for as little money as possible. With the help of 118,500 Avios and £434, you will be able to fly around the world and visit nine extraordinary destinations!

To get an understanding about how to collect points and Avios, please check out these two posts;  ‘A Beginners Guide to Travel Points Collecting’ and ‘A Beginners Guide to Collecting Avios‘.

The Itinerary

We all dream of travelling around the world, it’s the ultimate trip and often a once-in-a-lifetime journey. However, besides being time consuming to plan, a round-the-world trip tends to be bloody expensive! This Avios Inspiration post will help you with both of these issues, suggesting an itinerary with nine stops around the world that most people would love to visit. Transportation will presumably be your biggest upfront expense when planning a trip of this sort. The most basic fares usually goes for at least £1,000. In the first example you will see how to make the trip for as little as £434 with the help of 118,500 Avios!

Even if you don’t make much of an effort collecting points, you should be able to collect about half of the Avios needed for a round-the-world trip in one year! To get an understanding of how many Avios you can collect in a year from everyday purchases see our ‘How to Collect Avios Without Making an Effort’ article. However, with a bit of effort, including signing up for a couple of credit cards, shopping via Tesco and linking most of your online shopping via, you could collect the number of Avios needed in a year.

Or why not try something different. A few years ago a friend of mine managed to convince his parents to create a household account and gift the Avios to him as a present! I can’t think of a better present than a round-the-world trip!

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The Business Class Option

Now, what if you want to try out the high life and cruise around the world in business class? No problem, but it’s gonna cost you! Not much more in taxes and fees. Making the same itinerary purely in business class would only set you back £481, which is £47 more than economy, definitely worth it! However, as you can see from the table below, you need 339,250 Avios to fly around the world in business class. That’s 220,750 Avios more than the pure economy class suggestion. Either you have to collect Avios for a few years or you need to spend quite a bit of money each month. If you have your own company and earn Avios on your expenses, it might be more than possible.

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 What do I get for my Money?

So now for the fun part, what do you get for your hard earned Avios?

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Destinations – Dublin, New York, Los Angeles and Honolulu

Well, if we start with the destinations; your first stop would be Dublin, Ireland, a small city known for its pub culture. You might Yonder why I don’t suggest flying directly to New York from London or why I haven’t chosen another destination in Europe. Naturally, you could, there are a lot of reward availability to New York from several places in Europe. For example, you could  fly directly from London to New York for 13,000 Avios plus £245 in taxes with British Airways or from Madrid with Iberia for 17,000 Avios plus £175 in taxes. However, Dublin has great reward availability with Aer Lingus for only £124 in taxes and fees.

The next stop would be New York; home of Central Park, Empire State Building, the Yankees and so much more. You can easily keep yourself entertained for a while here! Flying from New York with Avios points is super easy. There are a lot of reward availability with American Airlines. The third stop, Los Angeles, is perfectly located on the West Coast. It’s an excellent hub for exploring all that California has to offer. Flying from mainland US to Asia can take quite some time. This is why a stop in Honolulu to explore Hawaii is an excellent idea! Make sure to soak up some sun and relax before heading of to the hustle and bustle of Asia.

Destinations – Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Doha and Venice

The first stop in Asia is Tokyo, a massive city that mixes ultramodern and the traditional. Be amazed of the massive skyscrapers, bright neon lights and futuristic technology. At the same time enjoy the beautiful ancient shrines, plant-covered houses and old-school sweet shops. Make sure to sample as much sushi as you can, before heading of to the sixth stop, Hong Kong, for some dumplings. Similar to Tokyo, Hong Kong is a city of notable contradictions, with a wide mix of cultures. There are plenty of things to experience, such as the amazing view from Victoria Peak or the cable car ride to the Big Buddha. After Hong Kong, you will visit Bangkok. A city with numerous beautiful temples and amazing food.

The next stop in this Avios Inspiration post is Doha.  The city is not as known as a tourist destination as the other stops in this post. However, Doha is an ever changing city, with a new skyscraper seemingly emerging every day. The location is also ideal for a stop over from Bangkok, before continuing to the eight and final stop, Venice. The romantic city with its maze of canals is the perfect stop before heading back to London.

Things to Consider

Similar to all Avios bookings there are a lot of things to consider. Most comments I get on the Avios Inspiration posts are related to ‘I want to make this trip, but don’t have enough Avios‘. The minimum amount of Avios needed for this trip is 118,500 if making all flights in economy. However, by skipping some destinations you can reduce the amount of Avios needed further. Below I have listed possible changes to the itinerary that will save you some Avios:

  1. Hong Kong to London – skipping Bangkok, Doha and Venice would save you 27,000 Avios and £187 in taxes and fees! Flying Hong Kong to London with British Airways during off-peak only cost 19,500 Avios and £32 in taxes and fees. Factoring in this change, you could fly around the world for 91,500 Avios and £247!
  2. Hong Kong to Doha – leaving out Bangkok would save you 7,500 Avios and £116 in surcharges. While not a notable savings in terms of Avios points, you would save about one forth of your expenses for taxes and fees!
  3. London to New York – flying directly from London, bypassing Dublin, would save you 4,500 Avios. However, it would cost £109 more in taxes and fees.
  4. Los Angeles to Tokyo – going straight from mainland US to Tokyo without stopping in Honolulu, would save you 7,500 Avios, but cost £6 more in taxes and fees.

If you have any questions, please drop a comment below!